Living in the Middle East, we are constantly meeting unsung heroes; people building and creating change in our countries. But we know that as people of the Middle East, our narrative is not written by us. It is written for us. Driven by the passion to change perceptions of our region, FOUNDERSMEDIA was born.

We are an independent media and entertainment network amplifying the new narrative of the Middle East. Our network is home to digital media brands, a creative studio and an events management arm. This allows us to be the most innovative storytelling destination in the MENA Region. We engage Arabs online and offline.


Our team spans across the Middle East and North Africa, unified by a single purpose to showcase the untold stories of our region. Our stories are sourced from the streets, and made accessible on every screen. We take a mobile-first approach to reach our audience, focusing on social media platforms where they spend most of their time.

Our Media Brands

We are building the most engaging media brands in the MENA Region. Our first stepping stone is Entrepreneurship, through WAYA, followed closely by Technology and Innovation. In the near future we plan to have a roster of brands serving audience of all demographics.

People. Technology. Startups. Stories. All shaping the future of the MENA Region. We create video and editorial content about entrepreneurship in MENA and the generation spearheading it.

A daily bite of technology.A social media based platform that explores transformative technologies and science advancements from the lens of the Arab World.