Amazon to let Prime users unsubscribe in 2 Clicks after EU complaints

Amazon to let Prime users unsubscribe in 2 Clicks after EU complaints

After facing pushback from the European Union, Amazon has decided to allow its customers in Europe to cancel their Prime memberships in just two clicks. 

The decision follows complaints from EU consumer groups that Amazon’s cancellation process had “complicated navigation menus, skewed wording, confusing choices, and repeated nudging,” and was in breach of Europe’s consumer laws.

“Consumers must be able to exercise their rights without any pressure from platforms. One thing is clear: manipulative design or ‘dark patterns’ must be banned,” Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders said in a statement.

In response, Amazon said: “By design, we make it clear and simple for customers to both sign up for or cancel their Prime membership. We continually listen to feedback and look for ways to improve the customer experience, as we are doing here following constructive dialogue with the European Commission.”

Prime is a subscription membership offered by Amazon that gives customers free 2-day shipping on eligible items on Amazon’s e-commerce site, and access to Amazon’s streaming platform Prime Video. 

Membership to the service costs $14.99 per month in the US and 7.99 euros per month in Europe. 

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