Argineering Raises $200,000 through its Kickstarter Campaign

Argineering Raises $200,000 through its Kickstarter Campaign
The Agrineering team

Argineering, the award-winning tech company, raised more than $200,000 through their Kickstarter campaign exceeding their funding goal by over 400%, making them one of the most-ever funded startups on a crowdfunding platform in the MENA region, and the most-funded in Egypt. Last September, Argineering launched modular motion control kit RGKit Play and reached their funding target in the first 18 hours. 

RGKit Play is the first-ever modular wireless motion control kit of motors, light controllers, and sensors that gives access to videographers, stop motion artists, designers, and all creatives to add tons of movement to their designs easily, instantly, and affordably. 

“We’re so excited to see creatives play with movement like pros,” says David Erian, CEO &  Co-Founder, “When the pandemic hit, we decided to quickly expand our solutions offering  an accessible tool to all individual creatives from videographer to stop motion artists.” 

RGKit Play easily lets creatives play with movement in their design with a phone app that makes the whole process quick and smooth. Through a simple plug-and-play process, the modules connect to each other and to the phone app wirelessly. It does not require complex wiring and electronics and it runs with zero lines of code. 

RGKit Play’s accessories make it even more versatile, offering a variety of movements that go beyond linear motion and all with one motor. Videographers can easily sync their camera, subject, and light movement while orchestrating an entire sequence of movements. Stop motion artists could do the same, and connect to third-party apps. 

This crowdfunding campaign allowed Argineering to scale their network worldwide and to diversify their clientele, with most backers being from the USA (more than 50%), UK, and  Australia. They are currently shifting to mass production and scaling their team and marketing process.

The tech startup secured $400,000 in seed investment from 500 Startups and Flat6Labs earlier this year.

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