Digital artists adopt NFTs to help Ukraine

Digital artists adopt NFTs to help Ukraine
Image Credits: CryptoSaurus

Top video game artists, celebrities, social media influencers, visual artists, and ordinary individuals worldwide are now collaborating on an NFT project, called “Avatars for Ukraine” to aid a country fighting a much bigger enemy.

The project is a global movement capturing what free Ukraine stands for: its energy, soul, knowledge, and love. The name of the project, “avatar”, is translated from Sanskrit as the incarnation of the spirit of the Ukrainian people.

The collection will be launched on May 19th, 2022 on MetaHistory, a Ukrainian charity NFT platform that has managed to come up with over $722,000 or 260 ETH to help Ukraine. The program is supported by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, a government office that has successfully raised over 60 million crypto donations for the country. The funds raised from the sale of the new collection will be used to provide humanitarian aid to the defenders of Ukraine.

Avatars for Ukraine includes some of the most renowned names in the video game and movie industries, including video game artists from Warframe, Rainbox Six, Asphalt, and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Epic Games ex-oficio states that the same effort and time invested in creating game universes was given in this Avatar collection. The collection also includes exclusive artwork from the highly-acclaimed European science fiction artist Volodymyr Bondar, winner of the EuroCon award, as well as Asphalt lead artist and director Katenya.

70 digital works of art now stand in solidarity with Ukraine. You can view them on www.avatarsforukraine.com 

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