Cycls secures $US1m pre-Seed round 

Cycls secures $US1m pre-Seed round 

Saudi Arabia-based AI startup Cycls announced it raised $1 million in pre-seed funding from angel investors, according to a company statement.

The startup is integrating with a wide range of services across various industries, including e-commerce, telecom, travel, and personal finance. 

The investment will be used to establish Cycls’s new product “Sarya”: a chat-based generative AI tool, and to expand to the UAE.

Cycls was founded by Mohammed Alrujayi and Khalid Alrasheed. They’ve recently launched Sarya the superchat and since then received widespread adoption from users. 

“Stepping into a world where technology understands you, not the other way around – it’s not just an idea, it’s our reality. And now, with Sarya, it’s yours too,” said Mohammed Alrujayi, Co-Founder and CEO of Cycls.

“We’re going after a pivotal moment in tech history where machines finally don’t merely compute but genuinely comprehend,” he adds.

Sarya is a chat-based experience as its generative AI is brought to life in the tangible world. It is underlying chatGPT technology in a user-friendly form, securely embedded into our day-to-day digital purchases.

“It’s admittedly an ambitious goal, but a practical one — we simply see service providers wrapped in conversations, with zero learning curve for the user,” continues Mohammed.

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