Doctori Raises $500,000 in a Seed Funding Round

Doctori Raises $500,000 in a Seed Funding Round

Bahrain-based Doctori Online has announced a Seed investment of $500,000. Doctori is an online platform that provides virtual medical visits through its app.

Ahmed Mahmoud, Doctori’s CEO, explained that the application aims to establish a virtual hospital that provides integrated medical services that cross the boundaries of distances, indicating that this was the master idea behind the app came. The aim is to create a digitized system for medical care that serves the individual and society with efficiency and ease.

The telemedicine company is the first of its kind in Bahrain. It is licensed by the National Health Regulatory Authority to provide free consultations for members of the Bahrain Autism Society and people with special needs. Mahmoud states that the platform aims to provide comfort to patients when it comes to medical consultations. “In order to achieve this, we have allowed physicians across Bahrain, in all specialties, to be a part of our virtual hospital,” he says. “We have worked to partner with several associations in Bahrain, to provide free consultations to community members. We believe that this partnership will encourage community members to actively consult doctors and receive support and treatment remotely since the app provides easy and safe call consultations.”

The goal is to provide a complete digital solution to facilitate doctor and patient relations. Through this online hospital, patients can diagnose, test, and treat in a stress-free environment anywhere, without having to wait in line.

Doctori launched its app in April 2020, to provide various medical care services for all Bahrainis. It provides video consultations and electronic prescriptions. The startup has a network of 300 doctors and consultants on the app which makes it the largest virtual hospital In Bahrain.

The platform plans to expand to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, as the application will allow doctors from outside Bahrain to consult their patients, and this will allow patients to speak and consult with their doctors anywhere. It also aims to encourage and educate the general public to use the service and reduce the physical presence in hospitals as much as possible, in order to help the government combat Coronavirus in the country.

Read Doctori’s COO, Ahmed Alawadhi’s op-ed on the future of telemedicine.

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