EFB collaborates with El-Forsa with Lamis Elhadidy program to expand its network of strategy-like startups

EFB collaborates with El-Forsa with Lamis Elhadidy program to expand its network of strategy-like startups

The Egyptian Food Bank (EFB), a non-profit organization for food security, announced its collaboration for the second year with El-Forsa with Lamis Elhadidy TV program on ON TV, to expand their network of startups, aligning with their strategies of reducing food insecurity using technology solutions and optimizing its operations

The EFB participated last year in El-Forsa Program that supports Egyptian startups. El-Forsa along with EFB has toured different governorates across Egypt this year to meet and choose the best startups in the country. The startups are selected across many phases and awarded financial prizes after being chosen by jury members, mainly coming from strong business and entrepreneurial backgrounds. 

Winners are chosen based on votes, given by the jury members. 

Mohsen Sarhan, the CEO of Egyptian Food Bank, will be participating in this year’s new edition of El-Forsa program, after his previous participation in last year’s jury.

The collaboration between EFB and El-Forsa last year was very fruitful, as it met with EFB’s vision and strategy in working hand in hand with Egyptian startups and winners from the program.

As a result, EFB has partnered with the winning start-up of 2022 Mozare3, an agri-fintech company platform that provides smallholder farmers with access to finance and markets. EFB and Mozare3 have activated the partnership since then by securing EFB’s needs of white beans and empowering small farmers. EFB has secured from Mozare3 the white beans crops and is planning to secure 30% of its crops’ needs in the upcoming period.

EFB is interested also in partnering with tech-based startups that could benefit EFB on many levels, from the beneficiary to the day-to-day operations.

The EFB is looking to partner with technological startups that can offer outstanding solutions to EFB’s daily operation, which helps EFB reach the right beneficiary with the right tools, optimizing its operational efficiency. Besides, the benefits to EFB to also support those startups to scale and have hands-on experience with large amount of database for their learning curve. 

The Egyptian Food Bank was established in 2006 as a non-governmental organization that aims to reduce food insecurity in Egypt. Over the past sixteen years, Egyptian Food Bank has continued to support the most vulnerable families in Egypt who face difficulties and challenges in obtaining sufficient, safe and nutritious food, which directly contributed to alleviating the suffering from hunger at the national level.

El-Forsa with Lamis Elhadidy is the biggest TV startup competition on Arabic TV. It is aired on ON TV every Wednesday at 9 pm. This year, El-Forsa expanded its pre-selection or auditions episodes to take place across different governorates that cover Upper Egypt, Delta, Canal, Alexandria and Greater Cairo. After pre-selection episodes, the top 30 startups pass to the next phase where they compete in studio in front of a senior panel. 

Some of Egypt’s top startups have started their journey from this show, some of which are SWVL, Money Fellows, Thndr, Chefaa and Mozare3. 

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