Fawry’s cashless transactions exceeds EGP 11 bln in 2021

Fawry’s cashless transactions exceeds EGP 11 bln in 2021

Fawry recently reported that Fawry Accept has recorded a growth of 400% in total processed value through the online gateway and 232% through Fawry acceptance POS machines. Fawry’s cashless transactions exceeded 6 billion EGP through Fawry acceptance machines and 5 billion EGP via their online gateway.

The company indicated that the comprehensive payment solutions package through Fawry Accept services is available to customers through several methods. This includes the e-payment gateway service, which can be used when logging onto websites, platforms or applications online. It also offers a variety of payment and installment options through more than six different banks, valU or Premium Card.

“Financial inclusion and digital transformation in the field of electronic payments and collections work in accordance with Egypt’s 2030 vision to provide cashless payment methods on a large scale while reducing costs. We at Fawry are working to support and stimulate the use of electronic means and channels in digital payments and protect the rights of users of payment systems and services through merchant point of sale devices, Fawry Plus Branch and myfawry application for the ultimate goal of facilitating people’s lives,” Ashraf Sabry, CEO of Fawry Group, said.

Customers can also utilize FawryPay that generates a unique reference code which they can use to make payments through more than 250,000 Fawry machines available at merchants, more than 160 branches of FawryPlus as well as via myfawry application and ATMs.

Fawry POS devices were initially launched in 2015 while Fawry Accept, e-payment gateway, was launched in 2018, they both aim to facilitate accepting payment through all kinds of digital means approved by the Central Bank.

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