Football talent discovery platform, Grintafy, expands to Egypt

Football talent discovery platform, Grintafy, expands to Egypt

Grintafy, Saudi-based football talent discovery platform, announces its expansion to Egypt as part of the platform’s plan to expand in the Arab region. After successfully operating in Saudi for 4 years, they will expand to the Egyptian market, as it includes many football talents.

Grintafy was founded in 2018 by Majdi Allulu, the startup scouts football talents and connects them with talent scouts, clubs and sports academies through an innovative online community.

More than 150 young football talents already registered through the Grintafy platform to attend a tryout event that will be held in Cairo. The registered talents will participate in the tests and will be evaluated, according to some technical and physical criteria set by West Ham Academy experts, to be shortlisted.

Ahmed Zalat, Grintafy Country Manager, expressed his happiness to have joined the company, pointing out that the company has plans to expand in various governorates of Egypt and in partnership with international clubs.

Grintafy already partnered with the English West Ham Club in 2021. Zalat stated that this partnership will be followed by a series of other international clubs.

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