FRA, National Training Academy collabrate to boost women inclusion in non-banking finance

FRA, National Training Academy collabrate to boost women inclusion in non-banking finance

Egypt’s Financial Regulatory Authority (FRA)and the National Training Academy announced their bilateral cooperation to provide a training program that helps boost women’s capabilities and skills in managing non-banking financial services.

Mohamed Farid, the Chairman of the Financial Regulatory Authority said in an official statement that providing training on empowering women enhances achieving impact and adds sustainable value to governmental institutions.

The transparent scientific approach in selecting, qualifying, testing, and evaluating the participants in the program is a turning point in building Egyptian cadres capable of participating effectively in shaping the future.

The cooperation between the Financial Regulatory Authority and the National Training Academy aims to enhance the capabilities of qualified women and introduce them to non-banking financial services and their role in serving the national economy.

Farid has chaired one of the committees for selecting female cadres applying for the “Women Leading Executives” program at the National Training Academy to qualify and build female cadres. The program is one of the “Women’s Leadership School” programs implemented by the National Training Academy, with the aim of developing the skills and capabilities of women in executive positions and enhancing the experiences of women in the government and private sectors from the age of 22-50 years .

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