GoDaddy partners with Monsha’at to support SMEs and entrepreneurs in Saudi Arabia

GoDaddy partners with Monsha’at to support SMEs and entrepreneurs in Saudi Arabia

GoDaddy signed a partnership agreement with the General Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises (Monsha’at) to empower SMEs and young entrepreneurs to take their business online.

The signing ceremony took place during Biban 23 that is taking place in Riyadh from March 9 to 13.

The partnership with Monsha’at aims to support aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners nation-wide on becoming digital entrepreneurs and building an online presence using GoDaddy’s integrated suite of tools and solutions and expert guidance, and through the establishment of an online community.

“The partnership highlights our keenness to enhance cooperation with the public and private sectors and to create an environment that stimulates the growth and prosperity of small and medium sized enterprises. It will help to increase competitiveness and will contribute to the development of local entities by boosting and developing the standard of SMEs in the Kingdom. It will also support them to reach the opportunities provided by the public and private sectors, including those offered by GoDaddy,” Mohammed Alamro, General Manager of Entrepreneurship Planning at Monsha’at, said.

Through the partnership, GoDaddy will also support Monsha’at Academy with a series of training courses, workshops and seminars to teach their network of SMEs and entrepreneurs how to create their digital presence using GoDaddy products and tools, provided through Mazaya platform. GoDaddy and Monsha’at also intend on collaborating to build a co-branded business accelerator.

GoDaddy will collaborate with Monsha’at to develop and publish market insights, reports, case studies and small business success stories in Saudi Arabia. It will also promote and feature their entrepreneurial journeys through docu-series and across GoDaddy social media channels.

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