Google Search wants to start translating local press coverage

Google Search wants to start translating local press coverage
Image Credits: Google

Yesterday, Google made a number of trend-setting announcements at its annual ‘Search On’ event, the most striking of which is this: Google is now looking for ways to translate news coverage directly from Search.

To start, Google will be translating headlines and articles in French, German and Spanish into English on mobile and desktop.

“Say you wanted to learn about how people in Mexico were impacted by the more than 7 magnitude earthquake earlier this month,” Google News product manager Itamar Snir and Google Search product managers Lauren Clark and Itamar Snir explained in a blog post. “With this feature, you’ll be able to search and see translated headlines for news results from publishers in Mexico, in addition to ones written in your preferred language. You’ll be able to read authoritative reporting from journalists in the country, giving you a unique perspective of what’s happening there.”

The new feature aims to bring down language barriers and give average readers access to global perspectives in a way that has never been done before.

The blog post continues: “Our goal is to help you find the most relevant information from across the web. These two new features will bring more perspectives to your search, helping you make informed choices and learn more about what’s going on around the world.”

Google also plans to enhance its browsing experience with visual search, a feature that it hopes will appeal to the TikTok generation in a more tangible way than text-based search.

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