Intella collaborates with Deepgram to Introduce Inclusive Language Product

Intella collaborates with Deepgram to Introduce Inclusive Language Product

•  Strategic Partnership for Inclusive AI: Intella, a prominent Arabic speech intelligence provider, joins forces with Deepgram, an AI speech platform, to develop the market’s most inclusive AI-powered speech-to-text model. 

•  Deepgram’s Multilingual Accuracy: Deepgram, known for its AI transcription capabilities, covers more than 30 languages with high accuracy, including English, Hindi, French, Spanish, German, and Russian. 

•  Addressing Linguistic Challenges: Arabic, with over 400 million speakers in 25 countries and diverse dialects, poses challenges due to its variable nature. 

Intella, the leading Arabic speech intelligence provider, partners with Deepgram, an AI speech platform for transcription and NLU, with one goal in mind: building the most inclusive AI-powered speech-to-text model on the market. 

Founded in 2021, intella is a leading deep-tech company in the MENA region offering the most accurate Arabic speech-to-text AI model that encompasses 25 different Arabic dialects and sub-dialects providing their clients with the most reliable Arabic speech intelligence on the market.

Deepgram uses AI to transcribe more than 30 languages with a high level of accuracy including English, Hindu, French, Spanish, German, Russian, and more.

Intella positions itself on the most accurate AI transcription model for Arabic on the market covering 25+ dialects and sub-dialects providing an average accuracy of 95.7%.

Having over 400 million speakers all over the world in more than 25 countries, Arabic is considered one of the hardest languages to transcribe due to its variable nature, rich language, and diverse dialects which each come with a different, rich history and culture. 

Through the partnership, both companies will be penetrating the market with a new offering: the best-in-class model for 30+ languages including Arabic and its 25+ diverse dialects allowing both parties to build the most inclusive AI-powered speech-to-text model on the market enhancing reachability and accessibility for users all around the world. 

Marc El Gohary, Vice President of Growth and Customer Success at intella, commented: “We’re very excited to come together with Deepgram and offer a full-fledged solution. I believe the strengths of both companies combined will result in an unparalleled product in terms of accuracy and language representation.”

Abe Pursell, Vice President of Business Development and Partnerships at Deepgram added: “Deepgram is excited to be partnering with Intella to help companies around the world deliver world-class transcription in Arabic alongside English and the other 30+ languages that Deepgram supports to unlock next-gen voice AI solutions.

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