Kaf Insurance selects DXC Technology to drive its digital transformation

Kaf Insurance selects DXC Technology to drive its digital transformation
Neveen Galal (L), Managing Director of DXC Technology Egypt; George Ghobrial, CEO of Kaf Insurance, during the signing event.

Kaf Insurance, an Egyptian insurance company, has selected DXC Technology, a technology services provider, to drive its digital transformation 

DXC Technology will be providing data analytics, application development, and DXC Assure Policy through a ten-year contract.

Automated case management underwriting technology will allow Kaf to sell insurance products with both straight-through and non-straight-through processing, speeding up and improving customer experience.

As part of the contract, Kaf is leveraging DXC to create a mobile app that will allow customers to easily manage their policies, personal information, and claims status as well as browse and purchase products. 

DXC will fully integrate the app with Kaf’s core insurance system, enabling real-time data analytics to personalize policy options and provide a 24/7 online portal for digital-only documentation and support, according to the press release.

“As Egypt’s fastest-growing life insurer, we are committed to digital transformation with a purpose. This will allow us to be at the forefront of the Egyptian insurance industry and offer our customers the latest and most innovative solutions,” said George Ghobrial, CEO at Kaf. 

“Today’s insurance customers expect a digital buying experience, information at their fingertips and flexible policies,” said Neveen Galal, Managing Director at DXC Technology Egypt. “Our DXC Assure suite of base and surround systems work together to enable faster time to market, streamlined operations, stellar customer experiences, and a launching pad for growth, ” she added.

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