Million, an NFT-powered social platform, is launching in the Middle East

Million, an NFT-powered social platform, is launching in the Middle East
Image Credits: Fast Company MENA

Million, a SocialFi platform that gives creators the freedom to create and monetize exclusive content, is set to launch in the Middle East by the end of 2022, revolutionizing creator economy in the world of Web3.

Built on a robust E2E (engage-to-earn) decentralized finance model, Million promises to push the boundaries of creator-driven, tokenized economy. CEO Julien Hawari explains: “The tokenization of business is fueling the ability to create new economies, and Million is perfectly positioned to enter this world.”

As creators look for new ways to monetize their work, a DeFi-based solution like Million gives creators digital ownership and direct control over their financial connection with fans, opening up a new world of direct engagement monetisation.

The E2E model will also allow celebrities and influencers to get closer to their biggest fans to create, collaborate and share content while generating passive income.

Million will also unlock a tier status program, as users who get on the whitelist can have access to a wide range of utilities and exclusive privileges post-mint, such as access to an NFT collection pre-sale.

Linked to a digital wallet with its own token, ‘Milz’, followers can receive tangible and intangible products and services like NFTs, exclusive access, items and more in exchange for their money. Fans can also buy these fandom-tokens and hold onto them as they rise in value, and then sell them for a profit.

“At Million; we believe in digital ownership enabled by blockchains to be the method to transform the creative industry for both creators and fans in the Middle East” stated COO Franck Mandon, “We aspire to offer the benefits of blockchain technology while providing a best-in-class user experience.”

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