President Sisi inaugurates October Dry Port via videoconferencing

President Sisi inaugurates October Dry Port via videoconferencing

President Sisi inaugurated the first-ever October Dry Port, together with a number of national logistic projects, via videoconferencing amid the country’s strategy to boost national ports.

The October Dry Port is located in the industrial and logistical zone of the new 6th of October City, spanning an area of ​​100 acres, and located 25 kilometers west of the existing industrial zone on the Bahariya Oasis Road with access to the regional ring road.

The president was opening the Tahya Misr multipurpose maritime terminal in Alexandria. The terminal is part of the national plan to develop Egypt’s ports.

October Dry Port is also connected through the Egyptian national railway network (ENR) with Egyptian seaports, to serve all Egyptian ports especially Alexandria port with its 2 sectors Alexandria and Dekheila, and reduce the pressure on roads.

The president also gave thumbs up to Salloum Land Port, which is considered the most prominent land harbor in the country and includes four main terminals. In a related development, President Sisi opened an important wharf in Alexandria Port.

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