Primo to Invest $5 Million to Expand into Saudi Arabia

Primo to Invest $5 Million to Expand into Saudi Arabia

Primo plans to launch its maintenance services platform in Saudi Arabia using $5 million in partnership with one of the entities in the Kingdom.

Primo was founded by Mohmaed Mostafa in 2018 and has amassed around 400,000 users since its inception. The app, which is available on Android and iOS, connects technicians or service providers with customers looking for plumbers, blacksmiths, electricians, and contractors explaining that the application allows the customer to set the appropriate date. him to perform the service. They are also in the process of adding new services to their current list.

Founder Mohamed Mostafa pointing out to Al Mal that the company receives a fixed commission rate estimated at 10% of the value of each transaction that takes place through the app, regardless of the cost of the services provided by the technician.

He also told Al Mal that the pandemic resulted in a decline in activity on the app, despite the fact the the startup had taken a set of precautionary measures to protect both customers and service providers from the risks of infection with the virus. Primo provided medical shoes and disinfectant materials to workers, and also decided to ban workers who violate the preventative measures for at least two weeks.

The startup already operates in Cairo, Giza and the North Coast, and Primo intends to expand its scope during the next stage to also include the cities of the Delta and Upper Egypt as well Saudi Arabia

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