Rekt Studios, UAE’s blockchain startup, raised $1.5m in funding

Rekt Studios, UAE’s blockchain startup, raised $1.5m in funding

Rekt Studios, a Dubai-based blockchain startup, raised $1.5 million in funding from Cypher Capital, a Dubai-based blockchain and web3 venture capital firm. 

The investment will help the startup to further develop its products and enable Rekt Studios to launch its first gaming metaverse named Unseen.

“I am confident that the ambitious plans which Rekt Studio have laid out to date alongside their stated goals of Rekt Studio will have a very positive impact on the region. The new funding will not only enable further game development but will also fuel expansion and the studio’s marketing efforts. Our immediate goal is to provide the Middle East with a distinct and accessible gaming ecosystem, while also establishing the region as the most prominent space for abundant opportunities in this space,” said Bill Qian, Rekt Studio’s Board advisor.

According to the startup, Unseen is an immersive fully interoperable decentralized virtual ecosystem centered around gaming, entertainment, and real-world utility. This world is accessible directly through the ownership of any EVM-compatible Non-Fungible Token (NFT) in existence.

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