The renowned Infinity Tower hit 55% of its full-height progress

The renowned Infinity Tower hit 55% of its full-height progress

The Infinity Tower, a Class-A building situated in Egypt’s Central Business District of the New Administrative Capital, has surpassed the 100m mark during its construction and has now achieved 55% of its full height of 210m.

“Infinity Tower is a masterpiece right here in Egypt, thanks to its futuristic design, high-quality materials, and unparalleled customer benefits. With our 40 years of experience in constructing 130 towers around the MENA region,” said Dr. Assaad Salama, Managing Director of ITUD.

“We developed a futuristic vision for the project, making it a distinctive work of art in the New Administrative Capital and in Egypt,” Dr. Salama added.

The tower features a unique international design that has been developed by prominent engineering companies such as Lerch Bates, MAK, AESG, and NORR. It introduces an innovative concept of columnless office spaces ranging from 118 square meters to 1,560 square meters, which is a first for Egypt.

Infinity Tower is a magnificent administrative tower standing tall at 210 meters, owned by NAC. It boasts columnless office spaces with an open-plan concept, spanning over 43,000 square meters. The commercial area, covering 100,000 square meters, will be home to various F&B and retail businesses. The Crown, situated at the top of Infinity Tower, offers a panoramic view of the New Capital and is designed to accommodate high-end anchor tenants.

Infinity Tower is ahead of its construction schedule, and this is due to the 40 years of experience of its developer, Infinity Towers for Urban Development, in high-rise buildings.

Placed in a strategic location on the northern axe of Mohammed bin Zayed and overlooking Egypt’s newest landmark, “The Iconic Tower” at the Central Business District, Infinity Tower is set to be the most desirable business address in the New Administrative Capital.

As the lead consultant for the project, Salama Structural Engineers (SSE) leveraged its international experience and expertise in the field of engineering consultancy for skyscrapers to include several tactical qualities in the project.

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