There’s a possibility Apple will take Twitter off the App Store

There’s a possibility Apple will take Twitter off the App Store
Image Credits: MSN

When he’s not ingratiating his favorite author or randomly publishing incomplete drafts of his future plans for Twitter, Elon Musk’s favorite new hobby is picking fights with industry moguls.

On Monday, Elon posted a tweet baiting Apple into making a statement about their recent decision to withdraw their advertising from his platform.

Apple has not confirmed any of his statements. However, a user reported that Phil Schiller, the person responsible for the Apple App Store and Apple Events, has deactivated his Twitter account, joining the recent exodus of celebrities, influencers and opinion leaders from the platform.

Users speculate that the decision may have something to do with either a clash between Twitter’s new view of content moderation and what constitutes free speech, or fee-related, as Apple continues to charge its creators an obscenely high tax of 30%.

Others think it has to do with Apple consistently backing Democrats, while Elon prefers to place his votes and donations where he feels he can best destabilize the power structure. In May, Elon also voted Republican and slammed Democrats as “a party of division and hate,” but the argument there is not as solid.

His tweet gained a lot of support from users who agree that Apple is a censor, who in their turn speculated that it may have something to do with him recently reinstating a lot of accounts that were banned for hate speech and harrassment.

Story Update [Dec 1st, 2022]: Elon posted that Tim Cook invited him over at Apple HQ, where they resolved all upstanding issues.

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