Tyro, An Egyptian Edu-tech Startup Giving Back in COVID-19

Will coronavirus make e-learning a reality?
Tyro, An Egyptian Edu-tech Startup Giving Back in COVID-19
Although working from home, Tyro doubled its sales since the lockdown.

It’s been at least a month since schools and universities around the world shut down and took their classes online. That’s when many e-learning platforms started seeing an apparent spike in their sales and sign-ups. Tyro is one of those.

To give back to the white army and all the workers risking their lives on the frontline of the pandemic, Tyro is giving a 50% discount to all doctors, nurses, delivery couriers, and cashiers to all the e-learning material offered on their online schooling platform.


Tyro gives classes for English, German, French, IELTS, SAT, as well as IGCSE subjects. The e-learning platform connects tens of thousands of students across Egypt, UAE, and Saudi Arabia with professional, certified teachers and lecturers.

“We managed to still grow our business and double our sales, while working from home with effective communication.”

Mokhtar Osman, CEO, Tyro

With over 20,000 sessions conducted on the platform, Tyro doesn’t only provide e-learning solutions for students. It also has a B-to-B model where  they train and develop their employees in terms of language skills. In their client portfolio they have companies like HSA and Wadi Foods.

Quality over quantity is at the core of Tyro’s values. Osman says that when they first started in November 2017, they had over 200 instructors registered. They started gradually cutting them down while being meticulous about their quality standards.

“It will eventually become the norm of education and knowledge acquisition. It will stretch us to come up with innovative solutions to further enhance the experience and streamline the process.”

Amir Sabry, Co-founder, Tyro

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