UAE allocates $817m for its space sector

UAE allocates $817m for its space sector

UAE President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed announced a new $186m fund aimed at improving its space programmes as well as its radar satellites.

The establishment of this fund aligns with the newly-introduced UAE initiative, Sirb, a constellation of SAR-technology satellites which will lead to “providing more powerful imaging using X-band radar technologies, allowing us to continue observations day and night”, according to Sarah Al Amiri, Chairwoman of the UAE Space Agency.

The Sirb satellites will be brought to life through a number of collaborative efforts between UAE’s private and public companies, as well as international space companies, and is set to witness its first satellite launch in a period of three years.

According to Dubai’s Ruler, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, these satellites will be “the first of its kind to develop a constellation of advanced remote sensing satellites using radar technologies in all weather conditions.”

National research opportunities in the space technology sector will also be supported through this fund, in line with the country’s efforts to develop its presence in the space sector.

“The establishment of a dedicated fund to support the UAE’s burgeoning space programme and the launch of a new initiative to develop radar satellites are expected to expand our growing capabilities in this vital sector while accelerating innovation in environmental sustainability.” President Sheikh Mohamed further commented.

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