WhatsApp is testing 32-person video chats

WhatsApp is testing 32-person video chats
Image Credits: Trusted Reviews

In its next update, WhatsApp is fledging out its call feature with two new capabilities: direct call links that allow users to join immediately, and a raised call-cap of up to 32 people, quadruple its current group call capacity.

The new features will be available on WhatsApp this week.

Mark Zuckerberg announced the features on Facebook yesterday. The ability to share a call link with up to 32 users, however, was teased back in April during the announcement of another upcoming feature, WhatsApp Communities.

Although the expanded call capacity doesn’t put WhatsApp on the same level as its niche competitors, with Google Meet and Microsoft Teams supporting up to 100 people, and Zoom supporting up to 300, it does flesh out its social feature to include larger groups, fitting the average amount of friends in a regular WhatsApp group.

Unlike its competitors, WhatsApp notably hasn’t placed a limit on call duration, making it a significantly competitive offering for smaller teams and personal networks.

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