Acacia Angels joins US$750k-investment round in Precision Cardiovascular startup

Acacia Angels joins US$750k-investment round in Precision Cardiovascular startup

Global angel investment group Acasia Angels joined the US$750,000 seed investment round in London-based micro-sensor startup Precision Cardiovascular (‘Precision’), aiming at backing the startup’s current stage of commercializing its micro-sensor to monitor remote patients.

Precision Cardiovascular has raised a total of US$600,000 to this date.

The startup is providing a micro-sensor solution that can be implanted in humans to enable early detection of cardiovascular complications and measure the pressure in and around the holder’s heart.

The micro-sensor is still undergoing animal testing and is expected to hit US market entry in 2026 after it becomes eligible for FDA approval. The company has so far licensed long-term patents, proven the final prototype, and established links to relevant suppliers. 

The data can be used by care providers to visualize what is going on with the patient, the evolution of their illness, and the effectiveness of therapy while automating clinical workflow for consistent care. The resulting data trends then allow care providers to refine drug dosing, expand therapeutic insights and conduct preventative measures. 

The no-battery device collects early warning signs which are wirelessly transmitted to clinics.

About 2-3% of people globally are suffering from heart failure, namely weakness in pumping blood to the body. There are over one million severe Advanced Heart Failure patients in the US, of which 50% die within five years as damage to the heart accumulates. 

Clinic visits which might slow progression are difficult and expensive and daily weight and symptom reports cannot predict damaging events. 

“Cardiovascular diseases tend to lead to progressive heart damage and drive people towards expensive hospitalizations. Both of those shorten lives and drive up the cost,” Abou-Alam explained. 

“Acasia Angels was our soft entry point to the world of investment and helped us gain a good understanding of what makes a startup appealing to a wider market through focusing on our data.”

“While financial returns are important factors for any investor in making investment decisions, what drew me to invest in Precision is my strong belief in its leadership team’s vision to revolutionize the management of heart failure and other cardiac conditions,” Angel Investor Arige Ali said. 

“With innovative technology accessible and affordable to everyone and a commitment to improving healthcare outcomes, I am confident that we will be witnessing a significant impact on and an enormous contribution to people’s lives and the medical industry” 

This is the third medical-device startup of Precision’s COO David Hampton, who has dedicated his life to building devices that make medical treatment more efficient and lead a graduate program in medical devices and diagnostics at the University of Cambridge. 

He is joined by Egyptian venture fund partner Mohamed Abou-Alam, CEO of Precision, who sits at the intersection of engineering, health, and investment and had already invested in the startup before joining its executive team. 

Precision’s CTO Steve Fowler is a biosensor specialist that has brought multiple award-winning products to market, while the Founder of S-Cube Systems for global regulatory compliance Anindya Mookerjea is responsible for quality assurance. 

The company’s board of directors is chaired by Martin Bloom and further comprises pioneering heart transplant surgeon Sir Magdi Yacoub, Imperial College London professor Chris McLeod, and Dr. Reza Bahmanyar. Precision is housed in the clinical research center of The Magdi Yacoub Institute to conduct product development. 

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