BEDU and Omada partner to launch a Web3 and NFT e-commerce system

BEDU and Omada partner to launch a Web3 and NFT e-commerce system

BEDU, Web3 and Metaverse technologies and solutions provider, and Omada, performance-based digital marketing and e-commerce advertising group, announced a strategic partnership to jointly develop and deploy a NFT-based e-commerce marketing solution.

The collaboration will leverage Omada’s network of 450 regional retailers through its e-commerce platform and BEDU’s deep-tech and smart-contract capabilities to build a unique customer loyalty and exclusive benefits platform tailored to the Web3 ecosystem. 

“Our partnership with Omada is the latest step in our journey to spearhead the creation of a new digital economy characterized by strong tokenomics and underpinned by reliable, trusted blockchain technology. This powerful connection between our advanced Web3 and NFT technology and Omada’s leading-edge e-commerce and digital-marketing platforms is a game changer in the current e-commerce landscape and has the potential to impact multiple industries, from membership and loyalty programs to personalized marketing and beyond,” said Misha Hanin, Co-Founder & Executive Board Member, Futurist at BEDU.

The new platform will enable holders of the UAENFT Members Keypass, which will be launched at the end of May, to receive a range of exclusive benefits by connecting their digital wallets to selected retailer websites. The system, developed by BEDU’s expert blockchain development team, will be available as a plug-in for any e-commerce website. 

After UAENFT Members Keypass holders connect their digital wallets, the system will autodetect all non-fungible tokens contained in the wallet and identify the ones entitling their owners to benefits.

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