Blockchain and digitization to take center stage at World Economic Forum 2022

Blockchain and digitization to take center stage at World Economic Forum 2022
Image Credits: EU

First scheduled for January, the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum is set to take place from May 22 – 26, marking the first in-person WEF global leadership event since the start of the pandemic.

A total of 300 world leaders will attend the event. Among them, more than 50 state and government leaders are expected to participate, as well as 1,250 private sector leaders and 100 global innovators and technology pioneers.

The theme of WEF 2022 event will be “Working Together, Restoring Trust”, with a focus on “History at a Crossroads: Government Policies and Business Strategies”. Some of the key items on the agenda include pandemic recovery, climate change, building a better future for work and accelerating stakeholder capitalism.

Blockchain and digitization are also featured topics during the annual meeting, with scheduled discussions on the emerging role of decentralized finance and how blockchain technology can be applied to eradicate world poverty.

During the annual event, “Female Quotient” will launch its headquarters in the Metaverse. The team will also host an in-person Equality Lounge along with a Twin Lounge in Decentraland (MANA) to accommodate live and virtual guests. The event will also cover the role of decentralized finance in the future of governance and crypto industry pioneers like Sam Bankman-Fried will present the environmental sustainability goals of Bitcoin to world leaders.

In addition to WEF 2022, the alpine city of Davos will host the “5th Annual Blockchain Central Davos”, sponsored by GBBC. The event will bring together industry experts and creators of upcoming projects to discuss the future of decentralized tech and examine the blockchain as a crucial driver for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Casper Labs and CV labs will also host the “Blockchain Hub Davos 2022” between Monday and Wednesday, a venue connecting world leaders to examine the impact of blockchain technology.

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