Bypa-ss Raises $1 Million in a Pre-Seed Funding Round

Bypa-ss Raises $1 Million in a Pre-Seed Funding Round

Bypa-ss, the startup behind the health tech product, HealthTag, has raised a $1 million round from Egyptian and foreign investors, with participation from Magic Fund, Acuity Ventures, Launch Africa, Plug and Play, and other regional and international VCs and Angel investors.

“We are beyond excited to invest in Bypa-ss! We are confident that Andrew and his team will build the future of health information infrastructure in Egypt, and we are glad to be part of it,” said Plug and Play CEO.

Founded in 2019, Bypa-ss introduced HealthTag, a platform for Health Information Exchange (HIE), offering physicians a free cloud-based clinic management solution. Through linking with a cloud database, HealthTag securely stores medical records collected from different healthcare providers and gives them to their rightful owner, the user. The user is also able to receive up to 70% discounts when paying out-of-pocket from the top healthcare providers in Egypt Bypa-ss originated in Shebin El Kom, Monofeya, and is now servicing its members all across Egypt.

HealthTag started when its founder Dr. Andrew was in the Emergency Room, and was put in a situation where he had to make a medical decision for an unconscious patient. The patient had no visibility on her medical history, no contacts or family members around, and had only a few hours to live if not treated. HealthTag helps paint the full picture on the patient’s history. Most people visit more than one doctor and get tested in more than one lab, and buy medications from different places – but in emergency situations, it is significantly important to have all of one’s medical history in a single place, and HealthTag has become that place for many individuals.

Having been accelerated and backed by Falak Startups’ investment, Bypa-ss was able to gain momentum and collect further angel funds that enabled it to spread in 5 cities in one year. Offering patients ownership of their health records, while giving doctors and healthcare providers visibility on patients’ full history.

Bypa-ss is currently eyeing expansion in its customer base and healthcare network, coming promptly after their recent rebranding. Andrew Saad, CEO of Bypa-ss says: “With this investment coming in, we will be able to avail more features to our customers while maintaining our service level and growth momentum. Additionally, the company intends to use the funds to fuel expansion, build a high-end tech mobile app for patients to engulf and facilitate the information exchange between the stakeholders from different levels and sizes and capitalize on the company’s rapid growth.”

The startup is intent on increasing its customer base and healthcare providers network. Additionally, it is enhancing its technologies to provide a better user experience for all stakeholders. Bypa-ss plans to launch a mobile application for users soon and to revamp its portals for healthcare providers over the coming year. Its goal is to make HealthTag accessible to all so that a wholesome healthcare information exchange environment can be created.

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