Cairo’s Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory Firm PIE acquires Exits

Cairo’s Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory Firm PIE acquires Exits

PIE, Mergers and Acquisitions advisory firm has acquired Exits, a regional online marketplace for buying and selling websites, apps, and traditional businesses.

PIE has acquired Exits to build the microacquire of the region and to make it easier for smaller companies to gain more visibility to investors and eventually list on an M&A marketplace and for buyers to be able to search for potential acquisitions online.

Founded by Mohamed Aboulnaga, PIE has been developed with a vision to build a strong boutique, and act as a flagship for startups and SMEs investment banking services catering for this segment of the market.

Exits connects buyers and sellers anonymously and has 100+ profitable companies on the platform. It also offers the option of reviewing key metrics to find the right fit.

“PIE can act as both sell and buy side advisor or as an independent advisor that steps into a deal where both ends are unable to agree on the terms of sale, or even as bringing new options for sellers or buyers to a pending deal to enhance the numbers and bring more benefits to the founders. PIE offers not only the traditional M&A advice, but goes as much as preparing startups inside out to a takeover or an investment through a package of several support functions and business consultancy schemes,” Mohamed Aboulnaga, Founder of PIE, said.

The startups are in need of technical and financial advice on the M&A front, and have been unable to get this from traditional investment banks with their sophisticated operating models and high fee structures, which on certain occasions defeated the financial viability of the prospect M&A deals for both investors and target startups.

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