Cerebras Systems signs US$100m AI supercomputer deal with UAE’s G42

Cerebras Systems signs US$100m AI supercomputer deal with UAE’s G42

Silicon Valley-based Cerebras Systems announced signing a deal with United Arab Emirates-based technology group G42 to deliver the first of what could be up to nine artificial intelligence (AI) supercomputers, according to Reuters.

Cerebras is one of several startups looking to challenge Nvidia.

The deal comes as cloud computing providers around the world are searching for alternatives to chips from Nvidia Corp, the market leader in AI computing.

Nvidia Corp’s products are in short supply thanks to the surging popularity of ChatGPT and other services. 

Silicon Valley-based Cerebras said that G42 has agreed to purchase three of what it calls its Condor Galaxy systems, all of which it will build in the US to speed up the rollout. The first one will come online this year, with two more coming in early 2024.

Cerebras Chief Executive Officer Andrew Feldman described the deal as the start of a “strategic partnership” and said the two companies are in talks for up to six additional supercomputers by late 2024.

“There is a big movement to close what has been open-sourced in AI…it’s not surprising as there’s now huge money in it,” said Andrew Feldman, founder and CEO of Cerebras. “The excitement in the community, the progress we’ve made, has been in large part because it’s been so open.”OpenAI’s chatbot ChatGPT launched late last year, for example, has 175 billion parameters and can produce poetry and research, which has helped draw large interest and funding to AI more broadly , according to reporters. 

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