Crypto.com to Integrate with Google Pay

Crypto.com to Integrate with Google Pay
Image Credits: Blockchain News

Crypto.com officially announced Thursday that it would give Android users more ways to pay for transactions on the platform by integrating with Google Pay next week.

An emerging digital wallet and payment platform estimated to have more than 100 million users worldwide, Google Pay enables users to pay for transactions with Android devices in-store and on supported websites, mobile apps, and services like the Google Play Store.

Customers can also link their Visa or Mastercard debit card to their Google Pay account to pay for purchases and withdraw money in more than 250 cryptocurrencies. The option is available to approximately 50 million users worldwide.

Google Pay has picked up its integration with major cryptocurrency payment systems over the last two years, focusing on major exchange platforms such as Gemini, Bakkt, Nexxo, and Coinbase as the avenue of the future. This change comes with the appointment of former PayPal executive Arnold Goldberg to head up their payments division.

Crypto.com has also expanded into a number of countries in quick succession, acquiring regulatory approval in Italy, Greece, Singapore, and Dubai.

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