Crypto EdTech Coinmarketpedia raises $2m in a pre-seed round

Crypto EdTech Coinmarketpedia raises $2m in a pre-seed round

Coinmarketpedia, UAE-based decentralised crypto and blockchain educational platform, raised $2m in a pre-seed round. 

Coinmarketpedia plans to use the funds to expand its global footprint and achieve key internal goals. The funds will be aimed at continuously enhancing features, allowing for investments in ecosystem partnerships, onboarding new industry experts, and, most importantly, facilitating the development of its platform globally.

“The funds will not only further enable growth, but it will allow us to expand on marketing and PR activities across multiple channels and build partnerships with schools, institutes, and universities. The Coinmarketpedia team is building a revolutionary platform that will unify all expert efforts in sharing their crypto and blockchain expertise with enthusiasts, developers, investors, and traders, and that will be a hub for all crypto and blockchain professionals of the industry,” Shameer Thaha, Chief Futurist of Coinmarketpedia, stated.

Coinmarketpedia launched in the UAE in 2022 with the mission of further equipping crypto and blockchain enthusiasts and investors with trading and cryptocurrency knowledge, as the company believes in a decentralised world where every individual can achieve an equal economic opportunity through simple education and knowledge sharing.

The platform has onboarded over 70 instructors and offers an entire library of more than 160 on-demand courses available.

Coinmarketpedia aims to extend its offering and branch out to host several additional features to go live throughout this year, including developing a professional academic section as well as a blockchain-based certificate verification. 

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