DALL-E 2 is now open to everyone

DALL-E 2 is now open to everyone
Image Credits: DALL-E

You no longer have to be on the waitlist to access DALL-E 2. Although it remains in beta, anyone can now sign up and begin using the revolutionary AI-powered image-generating system immediately.

“More than 1.5 million users are now actively creating over 2 million images a day with DALL-E — from artists and creative directors to authors and architects — with about 100,000 users sharing their creations and feedback in our Discord community,” OpenAI wrote in a blog post. “Learning from real-world use has allowed us to improve our safety systems, making wider availability possible today.”

OpenAI is also testing a DALL-E API, which it plans to “offer more broadly to developers and businesses so they can build apps on this powerful system.”

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