Dubai Gaming Start-up Exverse Raises USD 3 Million in Investment

Dubai Gaming Start-up Exverse Raises USD 3 Million in Investment

•  Exverse, a Dubai-based gaming startup, successfully raised $3 million in investment to support its upcoming token launch and enhance marketing efforts.

•  Cogitent Ventures, Cointelligence, and Moonrock Capital led the private funding round, with support from KuCoin Labs, Epic Games, Seedify, and ChainGPT, as confirmed in an official statement.

•  With an existing user base of 65,000 signups, Exverse utilizes blockchain technology to provide an immersive gaming experience, fostering community engagement through social events and user-generated world development. 

Dubai-headquartered gaming startup Exverse announced it secured $3 million in investment to fuel its forthcoming token launch and bolster marketing endeavors, according to a company statement.

Leading the private funding round were Cogitent Ventures, Cointelligence, and Moonrock Capital, joined by KuCoin Labs, Epic Games, Seedify, and ChainGPT, according to the official statement.

With an already impressive base of 65,000 signups, the platform harnesses blockchain technology to deliver an immersive gaming experience. 

It aims to cultivate a sense of community by enabling players to participate in social events and contribute to the development of user-generated worlds. 

Gamers stand to earn tokens as rewards, with top performers entitled to a portion of profits generated from in-game NFTs.

The secured funding will facilitate the platform’s testnet and token launch, foster additional partnerships, and extend marketing initiatives across the Asia-Pacific region, according to the statement.

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