Logidoo Startup Raises USD1.5Million in Seed Funding

Logidoo Startup Raises USD1.5Million in Seed Funding
  • Logidoo secures $1,550,000 in seed funding led by a consortium of venture capitalists, including Maroc Numeric Fund II, 216 Capital, Gullit VC, Founders Factory Africa, Sunny Side Venture Partners, and Kalys Ventures, highlighting its growing influence in African logistics and e-commerce.
  • The investment underscores Logidoo’s innovative approach to tackling the challenge of low intra-trade in Africa, positioning the company as a key player in reshaping the logistics landscape across the continent
  • With a focus on “cross-border” logistics and a vision aligned with the African Continental Free Trade Area (AFCFTA), Logidoo distinguishes itself as a visionary company driving tangible change in the region, offering comprehensive solutions and achieving notable operational milestones.

Morrocow’s Logidoo, an emerging company in the African logistics and e-commerce realm, has secured a significant boost in its seed funding, amassing, according to a company statement.

The online platform facilitates logistics, transportation, delivery, and shipping services for goods.

Led by a consortium of venture capitalists including Maroc Numeric Fund II (Morocco), 216 Capital (Tunisia), Gullit VC (Ethiopia), Founders Factory Africa (Nigeria), Sunny Side Venture Partners (Egypt/Japan), and Kalys Ventures (Morocco), this investment underscores Logidoo’s pivotal role in reshaping the logistics landscape across Africa.

The funding milestone signifies the market’s confidence in Logidoo’s innovative approach to addressing a critical challenge in Africa: the relatively low intra-trade compared to regions like Asia and the EU.

With a focus on “cross-border” logistics, Logidoo transcends conventional roles to realize the vision of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AFCFTA), positioning itself as a visionary company driving tangible change.

Establishing itself as a “cross-border end-to-end 5PL” provider, the company sets itself apart in the logistics sector with its groundbreaking approach, offering unparalleled comprehensive, cross-border logistics solutions.

Demonstrating remarkable traction and operational efficiency, Logidoo has aggregated over 3,000 logistics suppliers, completed more than 100,000 operations, served over 400 clients, and expanded its presence to 8 countries across the continent.

Achieving EBITDA positive status since January 2023 underscores Logidoo’s financial health and strategic insight, setting it apart from other logistics startups.

In 2023, Logidoo embarked on an ambitious expansion plan, extending its franchise network to 5 African countries to solidify its footprint across the continent.

Supported by the latest funding, this strategic expansion aims to enhance Logidoo’s market presence, reinforced by introducing experienced executives to the team, and further strengthening executive leadership.

Founder Tamsir Ousmane Traoré, with his extensive logistics background, and Mohamed Alaoui, a seasoned 3PL and courier specialist, epitomize the perfect founder-market fit, instilling confidence in Logidoo’s direction and strategy.

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