Dubai law firm launches first-of-its-kind NFT collection

Dubai law firm launches first-of-its-kind NFT collection
Image Credits: ArabianBusiness

Al Tamimi & Company, a Dubai-based law firm, has launched NFTamimi, a first-of-its-kind NFT collection featuring 950 pieces of art, each of which “capturing a story that closely aligns with the region’s vibrant economies.”

NFTamimi are a recreation of some of the most popular illustrations that appeared in Al Tamimi & Company’s monthly legal publication, Law Update, and the free digital assets are divided into sixteen distinct categories, including “Building A Better Future; Embracing Change in a New World; When healthcare – Life Sciences Imitate Art; Our Planet, Our Responsibility; Painting the Ever Evolving; Education – To Infinity and Beyond; and finally, the Hall of Fame.”

People who acquire the artwork will also “unlock a special golden frame”, which gives them “exclusive access to resources, such as free legal advice.”

Explaining this bold foray into the world of web3, Samer Qudah, managing partner of Al Tamimi and Company, said: “The NFT marketplace has captured the imagination of both the business community and consumers across the MENA region. We launched NFTamimi to provide us with a unique and innovative way to connect with our audience, and create a community that celebrates Law Update and the achievements of our region.”

He added: “We have a culture of innovation within the firm and this continues to enhance and improve the experience of our clients and our people. This culture can be tracked back through our 30-year history, to when we created Law Update as a resource for fellow professionals. Today, the same publication is the inspiration behind NFTamimi.”

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