Dubai releases its first flying car at GITEX 2022

Dubai releases its first flying car at GITEX 2022
Image Credits: Rahul Gajjar/Khaleej Times

AeroHT, XPeng’s urban air mobility company and the largest in Asia, has completed its first public flight in the skies of Dubai during GITEX 2022.

At the event, the company showcased its fifth-generation XPeng X2 ‘flying car’ in front of 150 people at Skydive Dubai, and gave a progress update for its sixth-generation flying car, which is an actual car with wheels that can take both land and air.

Brian Gu, Vice Chairman and President of XPENG, said the vehicle’s test drive “represents a significant milestone” for both the company “and the international achievement of flying cars.”

Commenting on the test flight, Gu said: “Today’s flight is a major step in XPENG’s exploration of future mobility.”

The XPeng X2 ‘flying car’ can operate in both manual and autonomous modes, and does not release carbon dioxide during flight.

According to the company’s website, the two-seated aircraft can fly at about 80 miles per hour for no longer than 35 minutes, with a maximum weight of about 1,675 lbs., making it “perfect for short-distance city journeys” and while remaining “suitable for future low-altitude city flights.” 

Acting President and CEO Hassan Al Hashemi believes that the flying’s car’s first public journey “will change the game of future mobility.”

“The flying car is the epitome of ambition, innovation and future-oriented vision that has always inspired Dubai and its leadership,” Al Hashemi explained. “Today, we witnessed a historic moment that will define the next 50 years.”

Trixie LohMirmand, executive Vice President of Events Management at Dubai World Trade Center and GITEX GLOBAL’s organizer, echoed the same sentiments: “Electric flying cars are the future of travel, and it is incredible to witness history in the making today.”

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