DXwand, Egyptian AI startup, raises $1m in a pre-Series A investment round

DXwand, Egyptian AI startup, raises $1m in a pre-Series A investment round

DXwand, omnichannel conversational AI and digital assistants tool, raised $1 million in a pre-Series A investment round led by Huashan Capital and angel investors Mohsen Abulleil and Ahmed Bakeer. US-based VC firm also supported the due diligence and syndication of this fundraising round.

DXwand is a smart, AI-driven software that automates text and voice conversations between customers and businesses in call centers, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, via SMS, or on a website.

The startup will be using this investment to accelerate its growth across the region, expand its market share and accelerate its AI research to further differentiate its solutions in the market.

“We will use the fund to accelerate our Arabic dialects deep learning research alongside product development and expansion in various markets in the region,” Ahmed Mahmoud, Founder and CEO at DXwand, told us at WAYA.

Their conversational AI tool understands slang in both Arabic and English, and can extract insights from conversations and display them on dashboards for businesses to make instant, informed decisions.

“We are looking to provide a venue of innovation in Deep Tech and AI in Egypt and the Middle East, supporting other startups and enterprises to unlock the potential of such a solution to provide exceptionally unmatched user experience to their customers, and open eyes to hidden insights they have never seen before. That should not just accelerate our growth while also supporting the entire ecosystem to leverage our AI platform to grow more and lead the market in their industries,” Mahmoud said in an interview with WAYA.

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