KOI Ride, B2B ride-hailing startup, raises $3m in latest round

KOI Ride, B2B ride-hailing startup, raises $3m in latest round

KOI Ride, UAE-based B2B ride-hailing services startup, raised a $3 million round with investment from CEG Invest and Taurus Wealth Financial Advisors.

Along with the equity raise of $3 million, the startup has issued a $15 million convertible bond secured by a pledge of its shares and a Swiss Private Bank invested $2 million anchor money in the convertible bond besides another $0.35 million by a Geneva and Dubai-based asset management company.

KOI Ride is a tech startup company headquartered in Dubai, providing B2B ride-hailing services for the global travel industry.

KOI Ride commenced its ride-hailing operations in 2018 and its proprietary technology connects online booking portals with licensed transportation providers around the globe, enabling travellers to book their customised airport transfers and helping drivers increase their efficiency and earn more.

“We have seen the travel industry recover at a tremendous pace in 2022, people are excited to travel once again and we are on pace to hit 2019 numbers. With airport transfers being one of the most profitable products for Online Travel Agencies and people leaning more towards a private transfer than a shared one post COVID,” Riyaz Alambath, CEO and co-founder at KOI Ride, commented.

The company currently offers its services in Dubai, London, New York, Las Vegas, Cancun, Istanbul, Bodrum, Antalya, Izmir, and Dalaman. It aims to go live in additional 24 cities in the Americas, Europe and the Middle East this year.

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