EasyLease Bolsters Green Mobility Portfolio with 60% Stake in Fully Charged

EasyLease Bolsters Green Mobility Portfolio with 60% Stake in Fully Charged
  • Strategic Stake Acquisition: Abu Dhabi’s EasyLease, a prominent mobility solutions firm and a subsidiary of International Holding Company, has acquired a 60% stake in Fully Charged, reinforcing its role in the sustainable mobility sector and positioning itself as a key player in the industry’s dynamic landscape.
  • Leadership in EV Charging Technology: Fully Charged LLC, an innovative UAE-based electric vehicle (EV) charging technology company, has been instrumental in advancing EV infrastructure in the region.

Abu Dhabi-based EasyLease, a leading mobility solutions company and subsidiary of International Holding Company, has revealed its acquisition of a 60% stake in Fully Charged, a prominent electric charger manufacturer and installer. 

The move solidifies EasyLease’s standing in the sustainable mobility sector, positioning the company as a key player in the industry’s evolving ecosystem.

Fully Charged, an innovative UAE-based company in electric vehicle (EV) charging technology, has played a pivotal role in advancing EV infrastructure in the region. 

As a trusted supplier for global EV dealerships, the company boasts a track record of installing over 5000 charging devices, serving more than 45 corporate clients, including DAMAC, Dubai Holding, Bvlgari Resort Dubai, Emirates, and Arabia Taxi. 

“With the acquisition of Fully Charged, EasyLease strategically positions itself at the forefront of the sustainable mobility transformation,” said Ahmad Al Sadah, CEO of EasyLease. 

“This move reflects our vision for a greener future and commitment to eco-friendly transportation solutions, making a positive impact on the industry, the planet, and supporting our expansion in the GCC and Middle East.” Fully Charged LLC’s services, spanning home charger installation, corporate charging solutions, and ongoing support, have contributed significantly to its success. 

The company’s collaborations with over six renowned brands further establish its leadership in the field. In alignment with its strategic vision, EasyLease is exploring innovative avenues for eco-friendly goods transportation, aiming to enhance decarbonization in last-mile delivery across the UAE and the region. 

This acquisition reinforces EasyLease’s dedication to investing in cutting-edge technology, strengthening infrastructure, and integrating automated solutions, setting new standards for operational efficiency in the sustainable mobility sector. 

Founded in 2011, EasyLease operates as a capital subsidiary of International Holding Company and is listed on the ADX Second Market under the ticker “EasyLease.” 

The company, with over 25,000 vehicles in its fleet, is a leading provider of integrated transportation solutions across various sectors, including e-commerce, delivery, logistics, courier, and food service providers. 

International Holding Company (IHC), established in 1998, has grown to become the most valuable listed holding company in the Middle East, with a market cap of AED 879 billion as of September 30, 2023

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