Eco Care: Bringing Eco-Friendly Car Washes to Egypt

Eco Care: Bringing Eco-Friendly Car Washes to Egypt

It’s hard to say how much water an average car wash uses, but a car wash at a gas station can use up to 150 liters of water. That’s a lot of water. On the other hand, washing a car at home uses more than 15 liters of water. In a water-scarce region, water-saving solutions are a must to avoid further water scarcity which could lead to famine and wars in the not-so-distant future.  

Eco Care is a company established in Dubai that was launched in Egypt in 2020 to provide car washes using minimal water. The company positions itself in parking lots of malls and in compounds and uses the high turnover rate to find customers who need to wash their car. 

What sets Eco Care’s services apart is that it uses a water-saving technique to wash cars, by using only 3 liters of water to do the job. The company boasts that it only uses non-damaging chemicals to wash the car so that the little water left on the ground doesn’t harm plants or living creatures around it.

The company is constantly thinking of ways to make its services more eco-friendly. WAYA asked Eco Care Egypt’s General Manager, Belal Hussien about the company’s plans for the future. He said “In the future, we want to expand more, and we are trying to better ourselves with the tools available the materials we use to wash the car and to take care of the cars, and to protect the environment we are in so as not to harm any place in which we are stationed whether it is next to plants or in a place with no drainage system. We are trying to develop this and to reduce the waste of water and time. That’s what we are working on now.”

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