Egyptian healthtech startup Otida raises $340k in a pre-seed round

Egyptian healthtech startup Otida raises $340k in a pre-seed round

Otida, Egyptian health-tech startup, raised $340,000 in a pre-seed round led by Lofty Inc, with the participation of Flat6Labs Cairo, Afropreneurs, Jedar Capital, OQAL Angel Investors, UI Investments and some angel investors. 

Otida is an app that acts as a nutritionist, a fitness coach and physician for patients with diabetes who struggle while navigating through their day-to-day lives.

“Otida’s business model revolves around the needs of patients with diabetes. We believe that with the level of technology we are surrounded by today, it’s unacceptable to have patients with diabetes still struggling to find the right treatment program that fits each individual condition,” Ahmed Tawfic, founder and CEO of Otida, said.

The startup will use the fund to productize Otida’s operations and expand distribution to reach more patients. 

Otida collects a minimum of 100 data points, per patient, per day, to tailor the best personalized care model for each user on the app. Once signed up for Otida, patients receive wearables to read blood sugar levels every 15 minutes and report back to the cloud without having to have the patients prick their fingers with an archaic blood sugar monitor.  

Each patient gets assigned a coach who is available around the clock. The startup also educates its patients about their individual conditions and how they can measure their insulin and blood levels and how they can use that data to improve their lifestyles.

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