Egyptian coding school Tawwr launches its first bootcamp in partnership with Halan

Egyptian coding school Tawwr launches its first bootcamp in partnership with Halan

Ever heard of BloomTech (Lambda School) in the US? Well, now there’s Tawwr Coding School in Egypt! Tawwr provides coding bootcamps that qualify you as a software engineer within 12 weeks. The program is free until you actually get hired and start earning above EGP 8,000 per month.

Students that are accepted into Tawwr’s bootcamp learn everything they need to know to become junior web developers within 3 months, after which Tawwr helps them get hired full-time in Egypt or abroad. You can pay for the bootcamp up-front or through their popular Outcome-Based Payment plan: pay nothing until you get hired, after which you pay a part of your salary every month until you’ve paid back the bootcamp fees.

Tawwr has already launched its first full-stack Bootcamp on March 13th in partnership with Halan, and will be holding more bootcamps as of summer 2022.

Moustafa Elhadary and Leila Hassan, Tawwr’s co-founders, are looking to turn Egypt into a global hub for software developers. One of the reasons for this is that Egypt has over 7 million unemployed youth with an incentive to reskill for the right job opportunity.

At the same time, there are a lot of unfilled jobs in tech everywhere around the world: for instance, the US had 1.4 million unfilled tech positions in 2021 and many of these employers were hiring remotely. Egypt’s growing tech scene and start-ups  means that tech roles are also increasingly in demand at home.

“It’s essentially a marketplace problem: there’s demand for software engineers around the world, and an opportunity to supply them out of Egypt. Youth in Egypt have a high incentive to reskill because most of them can’t find job opportunities due to a misalignment of their skills and jobs in the labour market. We received over 240 applications for our bootcamp in just 3 weeks when we launched, so we’re confident in our value proposition,” Leila Hassan, Tawwr Co-founder, said.

“If you look at the number of software engineers per million capita in countries that have got it right, and you do some maths, you’ll find that Egypt should have around 1 million developers. But in fact, we only have 10% of that. So our mission is simple: we’re here to bring the next 1 million Egyptian developers to the global job market,” Moustafa Elhadary told Waya.

In addition to Halan, Tawwr has a wide network of start-ups and tech companies in the US and in Egypt that are looking to grow every part of their tech team. As such, Tawwr will be launching more Bootcamps, including UX/UI Design, Data Science, Front-End, Back-End, and DevOps.

You can already apply early for Tawwr’s next Full Stack bootcamp on their website, set to start in August 2022.

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