Egyptian Market Leaders Unleash Racemate: The Groundbreaking Sportstech Disruptor for Runners and Race Organizers

Egyptian Market Leaders Unleash Racemate: The Groundbreaking Sportstech Disruptor for Runners and Race Organizers

Two prominent Egyptian market leaders have joined forces to introduce an innovative sportstech solution that is expected to revolutionize the field in the coming years. Optomatica, a deep-tech software firm led by Dr. Mohammed El Beltagy and Sarah Rafea, and The TriFactory, a leading sports event management company founded by Ayman Hakky, Seifeldin Fawzy, Dr. Mahmoud Abdelhakim, and Mohamed El Beltagy, have collaborated to establish Racemate. This groundbreaking running platform aims to cater to both runners and race organizers.

Racemate made its debut at The TriFactory’s annual Pyramids Half Marathon in December 2021, with an app available on Android and iOS. The platform garnered immediate popularity due to its unique features, including innovative audio guidance, real-time pacing strategies tailored to each runner’s goals, and live tracking capabilities. Combining industry-standard tools with novel elements, Racemate quickly became a comprehensive tech solution embraced by the running community.

In the fifteen months since its introduction, Racemate has successfully integrated with twelve races across Egypt. Races organized in cities such as Cairo, Giza, Siwa, Alexandria, Kafr El Sheikh, and the Red Sea have all benefited from Racemate’s features. Dr. Mohammed El Beltagy, Racemate’s co-founder and CEO, emphasized the importance of expanding the platform’s reach during the startup phase.

Looking to the future, Racemate has set its sights on regional expansion, forging strategic partnerships to facilitate growth. The platform recently launched in Dubai, attracting thousands of users from two key races held in April 2023. Racemate’s versatility is further underscored by its multi-lingual interface, available in English, Arabic, Swedish, and Italian. This inclusivity extends to audio guidance, offered in all four languages.

Racemate sets itself apart by providing runners with an unparalleled experience and a range of customizable features not found in other running apps. Leveraging the expertise of The TriFactory’s founders in organizing races, Racemate’s business strategy primarily targets race organizers and sports event management companies. In addition to enhancing the runner’s experience, the platform offers race organizers state-of-the-art features such as direct in-ear communication with participants, advanced tracking, emergency response triggers, and audio guidance throughout the race.

Ayman Hakky, Racemate’s co-founder and Chief Business Officer, highlighted the potential of sportstech solutions to benefit runners across the globe, whether participating in organized races or running independently. Racemate aims to fill the market gap and capitalize on the significant growth observed in the global running market.

Over the next 18 months, Racemate will continue expanding its presence in Egypt and the wider MENA region. The company will focus on strategic partnerships with major running events, strengthening its digital presence through virtual running challenges and ultimately capturing a substantial market share in the running app segment. Racemate is currently available for free on both Android and iOS, offering all premium features during a limited period.

With its disruptive approach and comprehensive offerings, Racemate has the potential to reshape the sportstech landscape, empowering both runners and race organizers to enhance their experiences and achieve their goals.

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