Egypt’s Agricultural Exports Witness Significant Growth In Q1 2024

Egypt’s Agricultural Exports Witness Significant Growth In Q1 2024

– Egypt’s agricultural exports reached a significant milestone in Q1 2024, soaring to $1.5 billion, marking a $300 million increase compared to the previous year.

– Minister Elsayed Elkosayer attributes this achievement to surpassing 2.2 million tonnes in agricultural exports, highlighting Egypt’s resilience amid global and regional challenges.

– Strategic efforts to open new markets have facilitated the export of over 400 agricultural commodities to 160 countries, supporting local farmers and ensuring the sector’s sustainability.

Egypt’s agricultural sector has demonstrated remarkable resilience and growth in the first quarter of 2024, with agricultural exports reaching a significant milestone. 

According to recent reports, the country’s agricultural exports soared to an impressive $1.5 billion during this period, marking a substantial increase of $300 million compared to the same period last year.

The Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, Elsayed Elkosayer, announced this notable achievement, attributing it to Egypt’s ability to surpass 2.2 million tonnes in agricultural exports. 

This success story unfolds against the backdrop of global and regional challenges that have disrupted supply chains across various sectors.

Despite these challenges, Egypt has managed to navigate the complexities of international trade, leveraging its agricultural prowess to bolster its economy. 

To further support the local market, the Egyptian government has implemented temporary measures, including halting the export of certain agricultural products.

Minister Elkosayer underscored the government’s successful efforts in opening up new markets over the past decade, facilitating the export of over 400 agricultural commodities to 160 countries. 

These exports primarily consist of surplus goods beyond the local market’s needs, reflecting Egypt’s competitive advantage in products such as citrus fruits, strawberries, and potatoes.

The strategic focus on agricultural exports is not merely an economic endeavor but also a means to support local farmers and ensure the sustainability of Egypt’s agricultural sector. By strategically marketing surplus production, the country aims to maintain price stability and enhance profitability for farmers.

Egypt’s fresh and processed agricultural products have emerged as a vital source of foreign currency, significantly contributing to the nation’s economy.

In 2023, total agricultural exports amounted to approximately $9 billion, highlighting the sector’s importance in driving economic growth, according to the General Authority for Export and Import Control at the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

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