Saudi Launches USD83.2 Million Financial Initiative To Bolster Research Laboratories

Saudi Launches USD83.2 Million Financial Initiative To Bolster Research Laboratories
  • Introduction of $83.2 million financial initiative by RDIA to support Saudi research laboratories.
  • Alignment with national research priorities set by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.
  • Launch of a national open-access portal (Openaccess.rdia.gov.sa) to streamline access to funded research infrastructure.

The Research Development and Innovation Authority (RDIA) has introduced its inaugural financial initiative totaling $83.2 million, dedicated to bolstering research laboratories throughout Saudi Arabia.

This initiative aims to enhance research facilities and laboratories across the Kingdom, aligning with the national research priorities outlined by Crown Prince and Prime Minister Mohammed bin Salman, who also serves as the chairman of the Supreme Committee for Research, Development, and Innovation.

During the event, a national open-access portal was unveiled, providing streamlined access to the Kingdom’s funded research infrastructure.

The portal is designed to facilitate access to research facilities, empower innovators and creators, and foster open collaboration.

Thirty entities have been selected as beneficiaries of this funding, including universities, laboratories, hospitals, and private organizations operating in various scientific domains. 

The recipients represent a diverse array of fields, with 41 percent focusing on human health, 27 percent on environmental sustainability and basic needs, 19 percent on leadership in energy and industry, and 13 percent on future economics.

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