Eight Start-ups Selected for Mega Green Accelerator to Advance InnovativeClimate Solutions

Eight Start-ups Selected for Mega Green Accelerator to Advance InnovativeClimate Solutions

– PepsiCo, SABIC, and AstroLabs have unveiled eight start-ups selected for the Mega Green Accelerator program, focusing on sustainability solutions in the MENA region.

– The selected start-ups presented their innovative solutions at the GPCA Plastics Conference, aligning with the theme “Innovating for Sustainable Growth” and showcasing their commitment to advancing the circular economy.

– Over the next six months, the chosen start-ups will receive funding, mentorship, and market access to scale their solutions, with one company set to receive $30,000 in funding at the program’s conclusion.

In a significant move towIn a significant move towards fostering sustainability and innovation in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, the Mega Green Accelerator program has revealed the names of eight start-up companies chosen.

This initiative aims to support start-ups focusing on advancing the circular economy, transitioning to clean energy, and combating climate change through technological innovations in water use and agricultural processes.

The announcement, which coincided with the annual GPCA Plastics Conference themed “Innovating for Sustainable Growth,” showcased the selected start-ups to industry leaders dedicated to accelerating the development of a circular economy in the region.

Eugene Willemsen, CEO of Africa, Middle East, and South Asia at PepsiCo and CEO of International Beverages, expressed optimism about the program’s potential impact, stating, “With solutions spanning agriculture, water, and the energy sectors, this is an opportunity for us to accelerate the development of practical climate technologies crucial to address the MENA region’s challenges and strengthen our position as a testbed for climate innovation globally.”

The selected start-ups include a diverse range of ventures addressing pressing environmental issues: Mrüna (UAE), a consulting and distribution company dedicated to developing innovative urban solutions; The Surpluss (UAE):A climate technology start-up helping SMEs reduce greenhouse gas emissions profitably through resource sharing via a digital sustainability exchange.

Also other startups: Mirai Solar (Saudi Arabia) that pecializes in expanding solar energy use beyond conventional applications, focusing on improving energy efficiency in food production and smart buildings. In addition, AHYA TECHNOLOGIES (Saudi Arabia): a climate software and AI start-up building a unified platform for scaling climate action across the MENA region; the YY ReGen startup (Lebanon): Provides innovative solutions for renewable energy, sustainable water management, and regenerative farming.

Futhermore: Viridia Tech (Egypt): Offers a platform for crop analytics at scale, leading to improvements in yield, unit economics, and sustainability metrics for industrial agricultural companies; P-VITA (Egypt): A biotechnology hub specializing in producing natural raw materials for cosmetics and food & beverage industries, using AI and IoT technologies to reduce carbon footprint through automated processes; Kumulus (Tunisia):A water tech start-up aiming to make drinking water more accessible, sustainable, and economical for hotels and businesses across the MENA and Southern European regions by turning air into fresh drinking water through innovative AWG machines.

Roland Daher, Chief Executive Officer of AstroLabs, emphasized the program’s significance in bridging the gap between sustainability-focused start-ups and the resources necessary for their growth and impact. He stated, “The Mega Green Accelerator is setting the stage for a robust sustainability infrastructure, bridging the gap between these companies and the resources necessary for them to thrive, scale, and translate their innovative solutions into regional impact.”

The selected start-ups will now embark on a six-month journey, during which they will receive funding, mentorship from industry experts, and market access to scale their innovative solutions. At the conclusion of the program, one winning company will be awarded $30,000 to support its continued expansion.With over 300 submissions received during the application phase, the selection of these eight start-ups underscores their readiness for scale and marks a pivotal moment in the region’s sustainability landscape.

The Mega Green Accelerator program represents a collaborative effort between PepsiCo, SABIC, AstroLabs, and various strategic partners, aiming to nurture the region’s next generation of entrepreneurs and drive impactful change in the MENA region and beyond.

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