Gingo Partners secures US$350K from angel investors

Gingo Partners secures US$350K from angel investors

The London-based investment relations platform, Gingo Partners, announced it secured US$350,000 from a group of business angels for its investor outreach service and startup community platform.

This company’s service is to connect businesses with investors through its platform’s diversified packages.

The new funding will boost Gingo Partners’ mission of reaching more fundraisers in other regions including the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. 

The company’s vision is to apply a strategy of inclusion and diversity for early-stage startups and for venture capital services in emerging markets.

Gingo Partners is focused on driving the community, expanding market reach, and enhancing its product offerings to meet the evolving needs of startups and investors.

Maria Ivanova, Founder, and CEO of Gingo Partners, provided her insights. “Our focus lies on crafting a product that centers around the needs of founders. In an industry primarily shaped by investors, it’s notable that the majority of fundraising solutions available have been designed by venture capitalists, for venture capitalists. 

“Despite the digital age, personal networks continue to play a pivotal role in fundraising efforts. This poses a challenge for exceptionally talented founders from emerging markets, who often face hurdles in financing groundbreaking startups. We are building an affordable set of tools to help teams like ours to find resources for their ventures,” Ivanova added.

Gingo Partners will intensify its investment in launching its investment to support the best teams. The investment will be allocated to strategic community management and content creation to provide startups with the most essential fundraising tips. 

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