EMURGO Africa invests US$250K in Carbon market technology startup Changeblock

EMURGO Africa invests US$250K in Carbon market technology startup Changeblock
Billy Richards (L), the CEO of Changeblock.

EMURGO Africa, the Africa and Middle East-focused venture arm of EMURGO invested US$ 250,000 in Changeblock, a carbon market technology company.

The investment aligns with EMURGO Africa’s overarching vision of advancing blockchain adoption and fostering economic growth and social progress in Africa and the Middle East.

Changeblock aims to revolutionize the carbon trading landscape by leveraging the power of blockchain technology. 

Ahmed M. Amer, CEO of EMURGO Africa and Executive Director of EMURGO MEA says: “Our investment in ChangeBlock is in line with our commitment to foster the development of climate change reversal technologies and impactful solutions on Cardano’s third-generation and environmentally-sustainable blockchain.” Cardano is a public blockchain platform, and EMURGO Africa is one of the managing entities for its applications.

“Together with ChangeBlock, we hope to bring the world’s regulators, business leaders, and global changemakers to foster and double down on their commitment to a global net zero strategy that is both economically viable and monetizable” Amer added. 

“Our shared vision with EMURGO Africa is to turn sustainable action into a valuable, tradeable asset for Africa. By leveraging the power of blockchain, we’re creating a transparent and efficient market that incentivizes sustainable practices and attracts climate-focused investments,” said Billy Richards, CEO of Changeblock.

Through this strategic alliance, EMURGO Africa intends to contribute to the growth of Changeblock‘s innovative solutions and strengthen their position in the carbon market technology space. 

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