Global Event Platform Bevy Acquires Egypt’s Eventtus

Global Event Platform Bevy Acquires Egypt’s Eventtus

 Bevy, the only enterprise community event engine, today announced the acquisition of Eventtus. The acquisition adds more than 20 engineers to the Bevy team, including Egyptian founders Mai Medhat and Nihal Fares. It also extends Bevy’s event technology stack with the addition of a mobile in-person conference app, and several other engagement tools for attendees. Once integrated with Bevy’s enterprise community event engine, customers will have the most comprehensive, end-to-end event management solution to manage and scale their virtual, hybrid, and in-person event programs.

“Enterprises have invested in creating connected communities for their customers, employees and partners. Events are not only an extension of these communities but also provide an important channel for driving ongoing engagement,” said Derek Andersen, CEO and co-founder of Bevy. “With this acquisition, we can now further advance our leadership role in enterprise events by delivering an end-to-end white-labeled event system of record that helps enterprise leaders build even stronger and more engaged communities.” 

Founded in 2012 by Mai Medhat, CEO, and Nihal Fares, chief product officer, Eventtus is an event management software company based in Cairo, Egypt. The Eventtus mobile app helps marketing leaders seamlessly connect the worlds of virtual and in-person events, and provides enterprises with the flexibility they need to return to in-person events, continue taking advantage of lower-cost virtual events, or embrace a hybrid model.

“What’s unique about Bevy is how they thread events together. They’ve built a powerful community event engine that helps enterprise teams create a sense of community among their customers, prospects, partners and employees. This is what all other event platforms are missing. And it’s the key to unlocking global scale and growth” said Medhat.

Throughout the years, Eventtus was able to attract some of the biggest regional and global investors such as Algebra Ventures and 500 Startups, to help guide and support the company to become the leading event tech platform in the Middle East. 

“At Algebra we always believed Mai and Nihal had the potential to play a role in shaping the global events tech space through Eventtus,” said Ziad Mokthar, Managing Partner at Algebra Ventures. “Bevy would provide a perfect home to deliver on this potential. We are very happy for both teams.”

By threading community through events, attendees end up with a better experience, and businesses end up with actionable data. As customer data and privacy policies continue to change, successful marketers are shifting away from cookie-based behavioral tracking and instead of building communities of customers and advocates using Bevy’s Community Event Engine.

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