Greenpeace highlights sustainable local brands as part of their regional tour in Hurghada

Greenpeace highlights sustainable local brands as part of their regional tour in Hurghada

Greenpeace visits Egypt using its sailing ship as a platform to increase the volume of the call for climate justice and climate change for the global south. Greenpeace uses its fleet to highlight the need to protect our planet and promote various solutions. 

Greenpeace is a non-governmental organization that seeks to pave the road for a secure, sustainable, durable, environmentally friendly, and peaceful future.

The goal of the visit is to raise awareness about climate change, promote sustainable solutions, lend support to regional environmental projects as well as emphasize the impacts faced by the MENA region and its people due to climate change and make sure their demands are at the forefront of the COP27 climate talks.

The boat sailed from Crete in Greece to Alexandria for a Climate Justice Roundtable. The roundtable brought together young activists, legal experts, scientists, politicians, and faith leaders in Alexandria to debate ideas and solutions required to achieve climate justice.

The ship Rainbow Warrior  will make its way to Hurghada, where it will stay for two days, and host various activities linked to the ship, to celebrate the event, which includes: 

  • An open boat that will provide the local people with an opportunity to come on board and hear more about Greenpeace’s work and ships. 
  • A green market that will host local businesses and initiatives to promote sustainable solutions and raise awareness of environmental issues. These include t-shirts made out of recycled plastic taken from the Red Sea and accessories made from recycled material by marginalized women and vulnerable communities which will be for sale at the open boat event.

Some of the organizations participating in the green market event are Kefaya Plastic, Reform Studio, Nawaya, Abo Ghosoun, Tabdeel, Mersat, Greenish, Drumstick, Banlastic, UP-Fuse, Dayma, Cyclist, and khoyout troupe. 

Greenpeace’s mission is to assist in making sure regional voices from the Global South, which are represented at the COP27 in Sharm el-Sheikh, are prominent in climate talks and leading the calls for climate justice.

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